Susana Rodríguez

Also published as: Susana Rodriguez


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SmarTerp: A CAI System to Support Simultaneous Interpreters in Real-Time
Susana Rodriguez | Roberto Gretter | Marco Matassoni | Alvaro Alonso | Oscar Corcho | Mariano Rico | Falavigna Daniele
Proceedings of the Translation and Interpreting Technology Online Conference

We present a system to support simultaneous interpreting in specific domains. The system is going to be developed through a strong synergy among technicians, mostly experts on both speech and text processing, and end-users, i.e. professional interpreters who define the requirements and will test the final product. Some preliminary encouraging results have been achieved on benchmark tests collected with the aim of measuring the performance of single components of the whole system, namely: automatic speech recognition (ASR) and named entity recognition.

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Is “moby dick” a Whale or a Bird? Named Entities and Terminology in Speech Translation
Marco Gaido | Susana Rodríguez | Matteo Negri | Luisa Bentivogli | Marco Turchi
Proceedings of the 2021 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

Automatic translation systems are known to struggle with rare words. Among these, named entities (NEs) and domain-specific terms are crucial, since errors in their translation can lead to severe meaning distortions. Despite their importance, previous speech translation (ST) studies have neglected them, also due to the dearth of publicly available resources tailored to their specific evaluation. To fill this gap, we i) present the first systematic analysis of the behavior of state-of-the-art ST systems in translating NEs and terminology, and ii) release NEuRoparl-ST, a novel benchmark built from European Parliament speeches annotated with NEs and terminology. Our experiments on the three language directions covered by our benchmark (en→es/fr/it) show that ST systems correctly translate 75–80% of terms and 65–70% of NEs, with very low performance (37–40%) on person names.