Suzanne Dumouchel


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Social Sciences and Humanities Pathway Towards the European Open Science Cloud
Francesca Di Donato | Monica Monachini | Maria Eskevich | Stefanie Pohle | Yoann Moranville | Suzanne Dumouchel
Proceedings of the Workshop about Language Resources for the SSH Cloud

The paper presents a journey, which starts from various social sciences and humanities (SSH) Research Infrastructures in Europe and arrives at the comprehensive “ecosystem of infrastructures”, namely the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). We will highlight how the SSH Open Science infrastructures contribute to the goal of establishing the EOSC. First, through the example of OPERAS, the European Research Infrastructure for Open Scholarly Communication in the SSH, to see how its services are conceived to be part of the EOSC and to address the communities’ needs. The next two sections highlight collaboration practices between partners in Europe to build the SSH component of the EOSC and a SSH discovery platform, as a service of OPERAS and the EOSC. The last two sections will focus on an implementation network dedicated to SSH data fairification.