Taihua Shao


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DRK: Discriminative Rule-based Knowledge for Relieving Prediction Confusions in Few-shot Relation Extraction
Mengru Wang | Jianming Zheng | Fei Cai | Taihua Shao | Honghui Chen
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Few-shot relation extraction aims to identify the relation type between entities in a given text in the low-resource scenario. Albeit much progress, existing meta-learning methods still fall into prediction confusions owing to the limited inference ability over shallow text features. To relieve these confusions, this paper proposes a discriminative rule-based knowledge (DRK) method. Specifically, DRK adopts a logic-aware inference module to ease the word-overlap confusion, which introduces a logic rule to constrain the inference process, thereby avoiding the adverse effect of shallow text features. Also, DRK employs a discrimination finding module to alleviate the entity-type confusion, which explores distinguishable text features via a hierarchical contrastive learning. We conduct extensive experiments on four types of meta tasks and the results show promising improvements from DRK (6.0% accuracy gains on average). Besides, error analyses reveal the word-overlap and entity-type errors are the main courses of mispredictions in few-shot relation extraction.