Takahiro Ohno

Also published as: Takahiro Ono


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A Japanese Learning Support System Matching Individual Abilities
Takahiro Ohno | Zyunitiro Edani | Ayato Inoue | Dongli Han
PACLIC 27 Workshop on Computer-Assisted Language Learning


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Construction and Analysis of Word-level Time-aligned Simultaneous Interpretation Corpus
Takahiro Ono | Hitomi Tohyama | Shigeki Matsubara
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'08)

In this paper, quantitative analyses of the delay in Japanese-to-English (J-E) and English-to-Japanese (E-J) interpretations are described. The Simultaneous Interpretation Database of Nagoya University (SIDB) was used for the analyses. Beginning time and end time of each word were provided to the corpus using HMM-based phoneme segmentation, and the time lag between the corresponding words was calculated as the word-level delay. Word-level delay was calculated for 3,722 pairs and 4,932 pairs of words for J-E and E-J interpretations, respectively. The analyses revealed that J-E interpretation has much larger delay than E-J interpretation and that the difference of word order between Japanese and English affect the degree of delay.