Tanya Korelsky


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Question answering using ontological semantics
Stephen Beale | Benoit Lavoie | Marjorie McShane | Sergei Nirenburg | Tanya Korelsky
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Learning Domain-Specific Transfer Rules: An Experiment with Korean to English Translation
Benoit Lavoie | Michael White | Tanya Korelsky
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Multidocument Summarization via Information Extraction
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Inducing Lexico-Structural Transfer Rules from Parsed Bi-texts
Benoit Lavoie | Michael White | Tanya Korelsky
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A Framework for MT and Multilingual NLG Systems Based on Uniform Lexico-Structural Processing
Benoit Lavoie | Richard Kittredge | Tanya Korelsky | Owen Rambow
Sixth Applied Natural Language Processing Conference

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Handling structural divergences and recovering dropped arguments in a Korean/English machine translation system
Chung-hye Han | Benoit Lavoie | Martha Palmer | Owen Rambow | Richard Kittredge | Tanya Korelsky | Nari Kim | Myunghee Kim
Proceedings of the Fourth Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Technical Papers

This paper describes an approach for handling structural divergences and recovering dropped arguments in an implemented Korean to English machine translation system. The approach relies on canonical predicate-argument structures (or dependency structures), which provide a suitable pivot representation for the handling of structural divergences and the recovery of dropped arguments. It can also be converted to and from the interface representations of many off-the-shelf parsers and generators.


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A New Approach to Expert System Explanations
Regina Barzilay | Daryl McCullough | Owen Rambow | Jonathan DeCristofaro | Tanya Korelsky | Benoit Lavoie
Natural Language Generation


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Towards Stratification of RST
Tanya Korelsky | Richard Kittredge
Intentionality and Structure in Discourse Relations


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Applied Text Generation
Owen Rambow | Tanya Korelsky
Third Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing