Tatsuya Aoyama


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GENTLE: A Genre-Diverse Multilayer Challenge Set for English NLP and Linguistic Evaluation
Tatsuya Aoyama | Shabnam Behzad | Luke Gessler | Lauren Levine | Jessica Lin | Yang Janet Liu | Siyao Peng | Yilun Zhu | Amir Zeldes
Proceedings of the 17th Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW-XVII)

We present GENTLE, a new mixed-genre English challenge corpus totaling 17K tokens and consisting of 8 unusual text types for out-of-domain evaluation: dictionary entries, esports commentaries, legal documents, medical notes, poetry, mathematical proofs, syllabuses, and threat letters. GENTLE is manually annotated for a variety of popular NLP tasks, including syntactic dependency parsing, entity recognition, coreference resolution, and discourse parsing. We evaluate state-of-the-art NLP systems on GENTLE and find severe degradation for at least some genres in their performance on all tasks, which indicates GENTLE’s utility as an evaluation dataset for NLP systems.


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Comparing Native and Learner Englishes Using a Large Pre-trained Language Model
Tatsuya Aoyama
Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on NLP for Computer Assisted Language Learning

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Probe-Less Probing of BERT’s Layer-Wise Linguistic Knowledge with Masked Word Prediction
Tatsuya Aoyama | Nathan Schneider
Proceedings of the 2022 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies: Student Research Workshop

The current study quantitatively (and qualitatively for an illustrative purpose) analyzes BERT’s layer-wise masked word prediction on an English corpus, and finds that (1) the layerwise localization of linguistic knowledge primarily shown in probing studies is replicated in a behavior-based design and (2) that syntactic and semantic information is encoded at different layers for words of different syntactic categories. Hypothesizing that the above results are correlated with the number of likely potential candidates of the masked word prediction, we also investigate how the results differ for tokens within multiword expressions.