Tewodros Achamaleh


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Tewodros@DravidianLangTech 2024: Hate Speech Recognition in Telugu Codemixed Text
Tewodros Achamaleh | Lemlem Kawo | Ildar Batyrshini | Grigori Sidorov
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Speech, Vision, and Language Technologies for Dravidian Languages

This study goes into our team’s active participation in the Hate and Offensive Language Detection in Telugu Codemixed Text (HOLDTelugu) shared task, which is an essential component of the DravidianLangTech@EACL 2024 workshop. The ultimate goal of this collaborative work is to push the bounds of hate speech recognition, especially tackling the issues given by codemixed text in Telugu, where English blends smoothly. Our inquiry offers a complete evaluation of the task’s aims, the technique used, and the precise achievements obtained by our team, providing a full insight into our contributions to this crucial linguistic and technical undertaking.