Ting-Wei Chen


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Investigation of feature processing modules and attention mechanisms in speaker verification system
Ting-Wei Chen | Wei-Ting Lin | Chia-Ping Chen | Chung-Li Lu | Bo-Cheng Chan | Yu-Han Cheng | Hsiang-Feng Chuang | Wei-Yu Chen
Proceedings of the 34th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2022)

In this paper, we use several combinations of feature front-end modules and attention mechanisms to improve the performance of our speaker verification system. An updated version of ECAPA-TDNN is chosen as a baseline. We replace and integrate different feature front-end and attention mechanism modules to compare and find the most effective model design, and this model would be our final system. We use VoxCeleb 2 dataset as our training set, and test the performance of our models on several test sets. With our final proposed model, we improved performance by 16% over baseline on VoxSRC2022 valudation set, achieving better results for our speaker verification system.