Tomáš Nekvinda


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Shades of BLEU, Flavours of Success: The Case of MultiWOZ
Tomáš Nekvinda | Ondřej Dušek
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Natural Language Generation, Evaluation, and Metrics (GEM 2021)

The MultiWOZ dataset (Budzianowski et al.,2018) is frequently used for benchmarkingcontext-to-response abilities of task-orienteddialogue systems. In this work, we identifyinconsistencies in data preprocessing and re-porting of three corpus-based metrics used onthis dataset, i.e., BLEU score and Inform &Success rates. We point out a few problemsof the MultiWOZ benchmark such as unsat-isfactory preprocessing, insufficient or under-specified evaluation metrics, or rigid database.We re-evaluate 7 end-to-end and 6 policy opti-mization models in as-fair-as-possible setups,and we show that their reported scores cannotbe directly compared. To facilitate compari-son of future systems, we release our stand-alone standardized evaluation scripts. We alsogive basic recommendations for corpus-basedbenchmarking in future works.