Tommaso Petrolito


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A language-independent LESK based approach to Word Sense Disambiguation
Tommaso Petrolito
Proceedings of the 8th Global WordNet Conference (GWC)

This paper describes a language- independent LESK based approach to Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD), involving also Vector Space Models applied to the Distributional Semantics Hypotesis. In particular this approach tries to solve some issues that come up with less-resourced languages. The approach also addresses the inadequacy of the Most Frequent Sense (MFS) heuristics to fit specific domain corpora.


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Minoan linguistic resources: The Linear A Digital Corpus
Tommaso Petrolito | Ruggero Petrolito | Francesco Perono Cacciafoco | Grégoire Winterstein
Proceedings of the 9th SIGHUM Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities (LaTeCH)


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A Survey of WordNet Annotated Corpora
Tommaso Petrolito | Francis Bond
Proceedings of the Seventh Global Wordnet Conference