Tomoko Matsui


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Team ISM at CLPsych 2024: Extracting Evidence of Suicide Risk from Reddit Posts with Knowledge Self-Generation and Output Refinement using A Large Language Model
Vu Tran | Tomoko Matsui
Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology (CLPsych 2024)

This paper presents our approach to the CLPsych 2024 shared task: utilizing large language models (LLMs) for finding supporting evidence about an individual’s suicide risk level in Reddit posts. Our framework is constructed around an LLM with knowledge self-generation and output refinement. The knowledge self-generation process produces task-related knowledge which is generated by the LLM and leads to accurate risk predictions. The output refinement process, later, with the selected best set of LLM-generated knowledge, refines the outputs by prompting the LLM repeatedly with different knowledge instances interchangeably. We achieved highly competitive results comparing to the top-performance participants with our official recall of 93.5%, recall–precision harmonic-mean of 92.3%, and mean consistency of 96.1%.


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Designing an Evaluation Framework for Spoken Term Detection and Spoken Document Retrieval at the NTCIR-9 SpokenDoc Task
Tomoyosi Akiba | Hiromitsu Nishizaki | Kiyoaki Aikawa | Tatsuya Kawahara | Tomoko Matsui
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'12)

We describe the evaluation framework for spoken document retrieval for the IR for the Spoken Documents Task, conducted in the ninth NTCIR Workshop. The two parts of this task were a spoken term detection (STD) subtask and an ad hoc spoken document retrieval subtask (SDR). Both subtasks target search terms, passages and documents included in academic and simulated lectures of the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese. Seven teams participated in the STD subtask and five in the SDR subtask. The results obtained through the evaluation in the workshop are discussed.


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Approaches,to Japanese zero pronouns: Centering and relevance
Tomoko Matsui
The Relation of Discourse/Dialogue Structure and Reference