Toshiaki Iwadera


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A scalable cross-language metasearch architecture for multilingual information access on the Web
Yoshihiko Hayashi | Genichiro Kikui | Toshiaki Iwadera
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit VII

This position paper for the special session on "Multilingual Information Access" comprises of three parts. The first part reviews possible demands for Multilingual Information Access (hereafter, MLIA) on the Web, and examines required technical elements. Among those, we, in the second part, focus on Cross-Language Information Retrieval (hereafter, CLIR), particularly a scalable architecture which enables CLIR in a number of language combinations. Such a distributed architecture developed around XIRCH project (an international joint experimental project currently involves NTT, KRDL, and KAIST) is then described in a certain detail. The final part discusses some NLP/MT related issues associated with such a CLIR architecture.