Toshitaka Kuwa


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Embedding Meta-Textual Information for Improved Learning to Rank
Toshitaka Kuwa | Shigehiko Schamoni | Stefan Riezler
Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Neural approaches to learning term embeddings have led to improved computation of similarity and ranking in information retrieval (IR). So far neural representation learning has not been extended to meta-textual information that is readily available for many IR tasks, for example, patent classes in prior-art retrieval, topical information in Wikipedia articles, or product categories in e-commerce data. We present a framework that learns embeddings for meta-textual categories, and optimizes a pairwise ranking objective for improved matching based on combined embeddings of textual and meta-textual information. We show considerable gains in an experimental evaluation on cross-lingual retrieval in the Wikipedia domain for three language pairs, and in the Patent domain for one language pair. Our results emphasize that the mode of combining different types of information is crucial for model improvement.