Toshiyuki Takasaki


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Combining Human Inputters and Language Services to provide Multi-language support system for International Symposiums
Takao Nakaguchi | Masayuki Otani | Toshiyuki Takasaki | Toru Ishida
Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Worldwide Language Service Infrastructure and Second Workshop on Open Infrastructures and Analysis Frameworks for Human Language Technologies (WLSI/OIAF4HLT2016)

In this research, we introduce and implement a method that combines human inputters and machine translators. When the languages of the participants vary widely, the cost of simultaneous translation becomes very high. However, the results of simply applying machine translation to speech text do not have the quality that is needed for real use. Thus, we propose a method that people who understand the language of the speaker cooperate with a machine translation service in support of multilingualization by the co-creation of value. We implement a system with this method and apply it to actual presentations. While the quality of direct machine translations is 1.84 (fluency) and 2.89 (adequacy), the system has corresponding values of 3.76 and 3.85.