Treesa Cyriac


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Classification of Multiword Expressions in Malayalam
Treesa Cyriac | Sobha Lalitha Devi
Proceedings of the WILDRE-6 Workshop within the 13th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Multiword expression is an interesting concept in languages and the MWEs of a language are not easy for a non-native speaker to understand. It includes lexicalized phrases, idioms, collocations etc. Data on multiwords are helpful in language processing. ‘Multiword expressions in Malayalam’ is a less studied area. In this paper, we are trying to explore multiwords in Malayalam and to classify them as per the three idiosyncrasies: semantic idiosyncrasy, syntactic idiosyncrasy, and statistic idiosyncrasy. Though these are already identified, they are not being studied in Malayalam. The classification and features are given and are studied using Malayalam multiwords. Through this study, we identified how the linguistic features of Malayalam such as agglutination influence its multiword expressions in terms of pronunciation and spelling. Malayalam has a set of code-mixed multiword expressions which is also addressed in this study.