Valentina Stefanova


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On Hidden Semantic Relations between Nouns in WordNet
Tsvetana Dimitrova | Valentina Stefanova
Proceedings of the 10th Global Wordnet Conference

The paper presents an effort on transferability of noun–verb and noun–adjective derivative and semantic relations to noun-noun relations. The approach relies on information from semantic classes and existing inter-POS derivative and (morpho)semantic relations between noun and verb, and noun and adjective synsets. We have added semantic relations between nouns in WordNet that are indirectly linked via verbs and adjectives. Observations on the combination between the relations and semantic classes of nouns they link, may facilitate further efforts in assigning semantic properties to nouns pointing to their abilities to participate in predicate-argument structures.


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Mapping WordNet Concepts with CPA Ontology
Svetla Koeva | Cvetana Dimitrova | Valentina Stefanova | Dimitar Hristov
Proceedings of the 9th Global Wordnet Conference

The paper discusses the enrichment of WordNet data through merging of WordNet concepts and Corpus Pattern Analysis (CPA) semantic types. The 253 CPA semantic types are mapped to the respective WordNet concepts. As a result of mapping, the hyponyms of a synset to which a CPA semantic type is mapped inherit not only the respective WordNet semantic primitive but also the CPA semantic type.