Valeria Irene Boano


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Querying the Lexicon der indogermanischen Verben in the LiLa Knowledge Base: Two Use Cases
Valeria Irene Boano | Marco Passarotti | Riccardo Ginevra
Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics @ LREC-COLING 2024

This paper presents two use cases of the etymological data provided by the *Lexicon der indogermanischen Verben* (LIV) after their publication as Linked Open Data and their linking to the LiLa Knowledge Base (KB) of interoperable linguistic resources for Latin. The first part of the paper briefly describes the LiLa KB and its structure. Then, the LIV and the information it contains are introduced, followed by a short description of the ontologies and the extensions used for modelling the LIV’s data and interlinking them to the LiLa ecosystem. The last section details the two use cases. The first case concerns the inflection types of the Latin verbs that reflect Proto-Indo-European stems, while the second one focusses on the Latin derivatives of the inherited stems. The results of the investigations are put in relation to current research topics in Historical Linguistics, demonstrating their relevance to the discipline.