Vincent Tabanou


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POMELO: Medline corpus with manually annotated food-drug interactions
Thierry Hamon | Vincent Tabanou | Fleur Mougin | Natalia Grabar | Frantz Thiessard
Proceedings of the Biomedical NLP Workshop associated with RANLP 2017

When patients take more than one medication, they may be at risk of drug interactions, which means that a given drug can cause unexpected effects when taken in combination with other drugs. Similar effects may occur when drugs are taken together with some food or beverages. For instance, grapefruit has interactions with several drugs, because its active ingredients inhibit enzymes involved in the drugs metabolism and can then cause an excessive dosage of these drugs. Yet, information on food/drug interactions is poorly researched. The current research is mainly provided by the medical domain and a very tentative work is provided by computer sciences and NLP domains. One factor that motivates the research is related to the availability of the annotated corpora and the reference data. The purpose of our work is to describe the rationale and approach for creation and annotation of scientific corpus with information on food/drug interactions. This corpus contains 639 MEDLINE citations (titles and abstracts), corresponding to 5,752 sentences. It is manually annotated by two experts. The corpus is named POMELO. This annotated corpus will be made available for the research purposes.