Vishal Khanna


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Analyzing Persuasion Strategies of Debaters on Social Media
Matti Wiegmann | Khalid Al Khatib | Vishal Khanna | Benno Stein
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Existing studies on the analysis of persuasion in online discussions focus on investigating the effectiveness of comments in discussions and ignore the analysis of the effectiveness of debaters over multiple discussions. In this paper, we propose to quantify debaters effectiveness in the online discussion platform: “ChangeMyView” in order to explore diverse insights into their persuasion strategies. In particular, targeting debaters with different levels of effectiveness (e.g., good vs. bad), various behavioral characteristics (e..g, engagement) and text stylistic features (e.g., used frames) of debaters are carefully examined, leading to several outcomes that can be the backbone of writing assistants and persuasive text generation.