Vladimir Ivanov


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NEREL: A Russian Dataset with Nested Named Entities, Relations and Events
Natalia Loukachevitch | Ekaterina Artemova | Tatiana Batura | Pavel Braslavski | Ilia Denisov | Vladimir Ivanov | Suresh Manandhar | Alexander Pugachev | Elena Tutubalina
Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP 2021)

In this paper, we present NEREL, a Russian dataset for named entity recognition and relation extraction. NEREL is significantly larger than existing Russian datasets: to date it contains 56K annotated named entities and 39K annotated relations. Its important difference from previous datasets is annotation of nested named entities, as well as relations within nested entities and at the discourse level. NEREL can facilitate development of novel models that can extract relations between nested named entities, as well as relations on both sentence and document levels. NEREL also contains the annotation of events involving named entities and their roles in the events. The NEREL collection is available via https://github.com/nerel-ds/NEREL.


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Inno at SemEval-2020 Task 11: Leveraging Pure Transfomer for Multi-Class Propaganda Detection
Dmitry Grigorev | Vladimir Ivanov
Proceedings of the Fourteenth Workshop on Semantic Evaluation

The paper presents the solution of team ”Inno” to a SEMEVAL 2020 task 11 ”Detection of propaganda techniques in news articles”. The goal of the second subtask is to classify textual segments that correspond to one of the 18 given propaganda techniques in news articles dataset. We tested a pure Transformer-based model with an optimized learning scheme on the ability to distinguish propaganda techniques between each other. Our model showed 0:6 and 0:58 overall F1 score on validation set and test set accordingly and non-zero F1 score on each class on both sets.


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Unsupervised Approach to Extracting Problem Phrases from User Reviews of Products
Elena Tutubalina | Vladimir Ivanov
Proceedings of the First AHA!-Workshop on Information Discovery in Text