Volker Fritzsch


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An Open Source Process Engine Framework for Realtime Pattern Recognition and Information Fusion Tasks
Volker Fritzsch | Stefan Scherer | Friedhelm Schwenker
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'10)

The process engine for pattern recognition and information fusion tasks, the \emph{pepr framework}, aims to empower the researcher to develop novel solutions in the field of pattern recognition and information fusion tasks in a timely manner, by supporting reuse and combination of well tested and established components in an environment, that eases the wiring of distinct algorithms and description of the control flow through graphical tooling. The framework, not only consisting of the runtime environment, comes with several highly useful components that can be leveraged as a starting point in creating new solutions, as well as a graphical process builder that allows for easy development of pattern recognition processes in a graphical, modeled manner. Additionally, numerous work has been invested in order to keep the entry barrier with regards to extending the framework as low as possible, enabling developers to add additional functionality to the framework in as less time as possible.