Wang Weihua


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Interactive Mongolian Question Answer Matching Model Based on Attention Mechanism in the Law Domain
Peng Yutao | Wang Weihua | Bao Feilong
Proceedings of the 21st Chinese National Conference on Computational Linguistics

“Mongolian question answer matching task is challenging, since Mongolian is a kind of lowresource language and its complex morphological structures lead to data sparsity. In this work, we propose an Interactive Mongolian Question Answer Matching Model (IMQAMM) based on attention mechanism for Mongolian question answering system. The key parts of the model are interactive information enhancement and max-mean pooling matching. Interactive information enhancement contains sequence enhancement and multi-cast attention. Sequence enhancement aims to provide a subsequent encoder with an enhanced sequence representation, and multi-cast attention is designed to generate scalar features through multiple attention mechanisms. MaxMean pooling matching is to obtain the matching vectors for aggregation. Moreover, we introduce Mongolian morpheme representation to better learn the semantic feature. The model experimented on the Mongolian corpus, which contains question-answer pairs of various categories in the law domain. Experimental results demonstrate that our proposed Mongolian question answer matching model significantly outperforms baseline models.”