Werner Winiwarter


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VOLARE - Visual Ontological LAnguage REpresentation
Werner Winiwarter
Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Designing Meaning Representations @ LREC-COLING 2024

In this paper, we introduce a novel meaning representation, which is based on AMR but extends it towards a visual ontological representation. We visualize concepts by representative images, and roles by emojis. All concepts are identified either by PropBank rolesets, Wikipedia page titles, WordNet synsets, or Wikidata lexeme senses. We have developed a Web-based annotation environment enabled by augmented browsing and interactive diagramming. As first application, we have implemented a multilingual annotation solution by using English as anchor language and comparing it with French and Japanese language versions. Therefore, we have extended our representation by a translation deviation annotation to document the differences between the language versions. The intended user groups are, besides professional translators and interpreters, students of translation, language, and literary studies. We describe a first use case in which we use novels by French authors and compare them with their English and Japanese translations. The main motivation for choosing Japanese is the soaring popularity of Japanese courses at our university and the particular challenges involved with trying to master this language.

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CLAVELL - Cognitive Linguistic Annotation and Visualization Environment for Language Learning
Werner Winiwarter
Proceedings of the Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon @ LREC-COLING 2024

In this paper we introduce a novel sentence annotation based on radical construction grammar and Uniform Meaning Representation, which covers all levels of linguistic analysis, from interlinear morphemic glossing to PropBank rolesets, WordNet synsets, and Wikipedia page titles as concept identifiers. We visually enhance our annotation by using images to represent concepts, emojis for thematic roles, and color-coding for constructions. The meaning representation is embedded into the syntactic parse by aligning all concepts with the surface tokens in the sentence. The main motivation for developing this type of representation was its use in second language acquisition as part of a Web-based language learning environment. In entertaining and engaging annotation tasks language students assemble the representation step-by-step following a bottom-up strategy. Based on language exposure while performing these exercises, we populate personal idiolectal constructicons representing the students’ current status of second language comprehension. As first use case, we have implemented a solution for Japanese due to its soaring popularity in our language education program and the particular challenges involved with trying to master this language.


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VISCOSE - a Kanji Dictionary Enriched with VISual, COmpositional, and SEmantic Information
Werner Winiwarter | Bartholomäus Wloka
Proceedings of the Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon

In this paper, we present a novel approach for building kanji dictionaries by enriching the lexical data of 3,500 kanji with images, structural decompositions, and semantically based cross-media mappings from the textual to the visual dimension. Our kanji dictionary is part of a Web-based contextual language learning environment based on augmented browsing technology. We display our multimodal kanji information as kanji cards in the Web browser, offering a versatile representation that can be integrated into other advanced creative language learning applications, such as memorization puzzles, creative storytelling assignments, or educational games.


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Building English-Vietnamese Named Entity Corpus with Aligned Bilingual News Articles
Quoc Hung Ngo | Dinh Dien | Werner Winiwarter
Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on South and Southeast Asian Natural Language Processing


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EVBCorpus - A Multi-Layer English-Vietnamese Bilingual Corpus for Studying Tasks in Comparative Linguistics
Quoc Hung Ngo | Werner Winiwarter | Bartholomäus Wloka
Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Asian Language Resources


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A Comparative Study of the Application of Different Learning Techniques to Natural Language Interfaces
Werner Winiwarter | Yahiko Kambayashi
CoNLL97: Computational Natural Language Learning