Wissam Kerkri


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“Chère maison” or “maison chère”? Transformer-based prediction of adjective placement in French
Eleni Metheniti | Tim Van de Cruys | Wissam Kerkri | Juliette Thuilier | Nabil Hathout
Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: EACL 2023

In French, the placement of the adjective within a noun phrase is subject to variation: it can appear either before or after the noun. We conduct experiments to assess whether transformer-based language models are able to learn the adjective position in noun phrases in French –a position which depends on several linguistic factors. Prior findings have shown that transformer models are insensitive to permutated word order, but in this work, we show that finetuned models are successful at learning and selecting the correct position of the adjective. However, this success can be attributed to the process of finetuning rather than the linguistic knowledge acquired during pretraining, as evidenced by the low accuracy of experiments of classification that make use of pretrained embeddings. Comparing the finetuned models to the choices of native speakers (with a questionnaire), we notice that the models favor context and global syntactic roles, and are weaker with complex structures and fixed expressions.