Xiaopin Lin


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The Annotation Scheme of English-Chinese Clause Alignment Corpus
Shili Ge | Xiaopin Lin | Rou Song
Proceedings of the 19th Chinese National Conference on Computational Linguistics

A clause complex consists of clauses, which are connected by component sharing relations and logic-semantic relations. Hence, clause-complex level structural transformations in translation are concerned with the expression adjustment of these two types of relations. In this paper, a formal scheme for tagging structural transformations in English-Chinese translation is designed. The annotation scheme include 3 steps operated on two grammatical levels: parsing an English clause complex into constructs and assembling construct translations on the clause complex level; translating constructs independently on the clause level. The assembling step involves 2 operations: performing operation functions and inserting Chinese words. The corpus annotation shows that it is feasible to divide structural transformations in English-Chinese translation into 2 levels. The corpus, which unfolds formally the operations of clause-complex level structural transformations, would help to improve the end-to-end translation of complicated sentences.