Xinyi Cai


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Shallow Discourse Annotation for Chinese TED Talks
Wanqiu Long | Xinyi Cai | James Reid | Bonnie Webber | Deyi Xiong
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Text corpora annotated with language-related properties are an important resource for the development of Language Technology. The current work contributes a new resource for Chinese Language Technology and for Chinese-English translation, in the form of a set of TED talks (some originally given in English, some in Chinese) that have been annotated with discourse relations in the style of the Penn Discourse TreeBank, adapted to properties of Chinese text that are not present in English. The resource is currently unique in annotating discourse-level properties of planned spoken monologues rather than of written text. An inter-annotator agreement study demonstrates that the annotation scheme is able to achieve highly reliable results.

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A Test Suite for Evaluating Discourse Phenomena in Document-level Neural Machine Translation
Xinyi Cai | Deyi Xiong
Proceedings of the Second International Workshop of Discourse Processing

The need to evaluate the ability of context-aware neural machine translation (NMT) models in dealing with specific discourse phenomena arises in document-level NMT. However, test sets that satisfy this need are rare. In this paper, we propose a test suite to evaluate three common discourse phenomena in English-Chinese translation: pronoun, discourse connective and ellipsis where discourse divergences lie across the two languages. The test suite contains 1,200 instances, 400 for each type of discourse phenomena. We perform both automatic and human evaluation with three state-of-the-art context-aware NMT models on the proposed test suite. Results suggest that our test suite can be used as a challenging benchmark test bed for evaluating document-level NMT. The test suite will be publicly available soon.