Xiyu Ding


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Incorporating Risk Factor Embeddings in Pre-trained Transformers Improves Sentiment Prediction in Psychiatric Discharge Summaries
Xiyu Ding | Mei-Hua Hall | Timothy Miller
Proceedings of the 3rd Clinical Natural Language Processing Workshop

Reducing rates of early hospital readmission has been recognized and identified as a key to improve quality of care and reduce costs. There are a number of risk factors that have been hypothesized to be important for understanding re-admission risk, including such factors as problems with substance abuse, ability to maintain work, relations with family. In this work, we develop Roberta-based models to predict the sentiment of sentences describing readmission risk factors in discharge summaries of patients with psychosis. We improve substantially on previous results by a scheme that shares information across risk factors while also allowing the model to learn risk factor-specific information.

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Methods for Extracting Information from Messages from Primary Care Providers to Specialists
Xiyu Ding | Michael Barnett | Ateev Mehrotra | Timothy Miller
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Medical Conversations

Electronic consult (eConsult) systems allow specialists more flexibility to respond to referrals more efficiently, thereby increasing access in under-resourced healthcare settings like safety net systems. Understanding the usage patterns of eConsult system is an important part of improving specialist efficiency. In this work, we develop and apply classifiers to a dataset of eConsult questions from primary care providers to specialists, classifying the messages for how they were triaged by the specialist office, and the underlying type of clinical question posed by the primary care provider. We show that pre-trained transformer models are strong baselines, with improving performance from domain-specific training and shared representations.