Yan Peiqi


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Low-Resource Named Entity Recognition Based on Multi-hop Dependency Trigger
Wu Jiangxu | Yan Peiqi
Proceedings of the 21st Chinese National Conference on Computational Linguistics

“This paper introduces DepTrigger, a simple and effective model in low-resource named entity recognition (NER) based on multi-hop dependency triggers. Dependency triggers refer to salient nodes relative to an entity in the dependency graph of a context sentence. Our main observation is that triggers generally play an important role in recognizing the location and the type of entity in a sentence. Instead of exploiting the manual labeling of triggers, we use the syntactic parser to annotate triggers automatically. We train DepTrigger using an independent model architectures which are Match Network encoder and Entity Recognition Network encoder. Compared to the previous model TriggerNER, DepTrigger outperforms for long sentences, while still maintain good performance for short sentences as usual. Our framework is significantly more cost-effective in real business.”