Yannis Vasilakis


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Theano: A Greek-speaking conversational agent for COVID-19
Nikoletta Ventoura | Kosmas Palios | Yannis Vasilakis | Georgios Paraskevopoulos | Nassos Katsamanis | Vassilis Katsouros
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on NLP for Positive Impact

Conversational Agents (CAs) can be a proxy for disseminating information and providing support to the public, especially in times of crisis. CAs can scale to reach larger numbers of end-users than human operators, while they can offer information interactively and engagingly. In this work, we present Theano, a Greek-speaking virtual assistant for COVID-19. Theano presents users with COVID-19 statistics and facts and informs users about the best health practices as well as the latest COVID-19 related guidelines. Additionally, Theano provides support to end-users by helping them self-assess their symptoms and redirecting them to first-line health workers. The relevant, localized information that Theano provides, makes it a valuable tool for combating COVID-19 in Greece. Theano has already conversed with different users in more than 170 different conversations through a web interface as a chatbot and over the phone as a voice bot.