Yasuyo Sawaki


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Supporting content evaluation of student summaries by Idea Unit embedding
Marcello Gecchele | Hiroaki Yamada | Takenobu Tokunaga | Yasuyo Sawaki
Proceedings of the Fourteenth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications

This paper discusses the computer-assisted content evaluation of summaries. We propose a method to make a correspondence between the segments of the source text and its summary. As a unit of the segment, we adopt “Idea Unit (IU)” which is proposed in Applied Linguistics. Introducing IUs enables us to make a correspondence even for the sentences that contain multiple ideas. The IU correspondence is made based on the similarity between vector representations of IU. An evaluation experiment with two source texts and 20 summaries showed that the proposed method is more robust against rephrased expressions than the conventional ROUGE-based baselines. Also, the proposed method outperformed the baselines in recall. We im-plemented the proposed method in a GUI tool“Segment Matcher” that aids teachers to estab-lish a link between corresponding IUs acrossthe summary and source text.


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A Reliable Approach to Automatic Assessment of Short Answer Free Responses
Lyle F. Bachman | Nathan Carr | Greg Kamei | Mikyung Kim | Michael J. Pan | Chris Salvador | Yasuyo Sawaki
COLING 2002: The 17th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: Project Notes