Yeha Lee


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A Synchronous Context Free Grammar using Dependency Sequence for Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation
Hwidong Na | Jin-Ji Li | Yeha Lee | Jong-hyeok Lee
Proceedings of the 9th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Student Research Workshop

We introduce a novel translation rule that captures discontinuous, partial constituent, and non-projective phrases from source language. Using the traversal order sequences of the dependency tree, our proposed method 1) extracts the synchronous rules in linear time and 2) combines them efficiently using the CYK chart parsing algorithm. We analytically show the effectiveness of this translation rule in translating relatively free order sentences, and empirically investigate the coverage of our proposed method.


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Search Result Clustering Using Label Language Model
Yeha Lee | Seung-Hoon Na | Jong-Hyeok Lee
Proceedings of the Third International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing: Volume-II