Yeongbeom Lim


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An Emotion-based Korean Multimodal Empathetic Dialogue System
Minyoung Jung | Yeongbeom Lim | San Kim | Jin Yea Jang | Saim Shin | Ki-Hoon Lee
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on When Creative AI Meets Conversational AI

We propose a Korean multimodal dialogue system targeting emotion-based empathetic dialogues because most research in this field has been conducted in a few languages such as English and Japanese and in certain circumstances. Our dialogue system consists of an emotion detector, an empathetic response generator, a monitoring interface, a voice activity detector, a speech recognizer, a speech synthesizer, a gesture classification, and several controllers to provide both multimodality and empathy during a conversation between a human and a machine. For comparisons across visual influence on users, our dialogue system contains two versions of the user interface, a cat face-based user interface and an avatar-based user interface. We evaluated our dialogue system by investigating the dialogues in text and the average mean opinion scores under three different visual conditions, no visual, the cat face-based, and the avatar-based expressions. The experimental results stand for the importance of adequate visual expressions according to user utterances.