Yifeng Geng


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WordArt Designer: User-Driven Artistic Typography Synthesis using Large Language Models
Jun-Yan He | Zhi-Qi Cheng | Chenyang Li | Jingdong Sun | Wangmeng Xiang | Xianhui Lin | Xiaoyang Kang | Zengke Jin | Yusen Hu | Bin Luo | Yifeng Geng | Xuansong Xie
Proceedings of the 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing: Industry Track

This paper introduces WordArt Designer, a user-driven framework for artistic typography synthesis, relying on the Large Language Model (LLM). The system incorporates four key modules: the LLM Engine, SemTypo, StyTypo, and TexTypo modules. 1) The LLM Engine, empowered by the LLM (e.g. GPT-3.5), interprets user inputs and generates actionable prompts for the other modules, thereby transforming abstract concepts into tangible designs. 2) The SemTypo module optimizes font designs using semantic concepts, striking a balance between artistic transformation and readability. 3) Building on the semantic layout provided by the SemTypo module, the StyTypo module creates smooth, refined images. 4) The TexTypo module further enhances the design’s aesthetics through texture rendering, enabling the generation of inventive textured fonts. Notably, WordArt Designer highlights the fusion of generative AI with artistic typography. Experience its capabilities on ModelScope: https://www.modelscope.cn/studios/WordArt/WordArt.