Yinxia Huang


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Korean-Chinese machine translation based on verb patterns
Changhyun Kim | Munpyo Hong | Yinxia Huang | Young Kil Kim | Sung Il Yang | Young Ae Seo | Sung-Kwon Choi
Proceedings of the 5th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Technical Papers

This paper describes our ongoing project “Korean-Chinese Machine Translation System”. The main knowledge of our system is verb patterns. Each verb can have several meanings and each meaning of a verb is represented by a verb pattern. A verb pattern consists of a source language pattern part for the analysis and the corresponding target language pattern part for the generation. Each pattern part, according to the degree of generality, contains lexical or semantic information for the arguments or adjuncts of each verb meaning. In this approach, accurate analysis can directly lead to natural and correct generation. Furthermore as the transfer mainly depends upon verb patterns, the translation rate is expected to go higher, as the size of verb pattern grows larger.