Yoshiyuki Sakamoto


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A survey of usage environment of machine translation by professional translators
Tomoki Nagase | Tatsuhiro Kudoh | Katsunori Kotani | Wenjun ye | Takeshi Mori | Yoshiyuki Sakamoto | Nobutoshi Hatanaka | Takamitsu Takeda | Shu Hirata | Hiromi Nakaiwa
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit XV: User Track


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Automatic Error Analysis Based on Grammatical Questions
Tomoki Nagase | Hajime Tsukada | Katsunori Kotani | Nobutoshi Hatanaka | Yoshiyuki Sakamoto
Proceedings of the 25th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation


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A Report on the Machine Translation Market in Japan
Setsuo Yamada | Syuuji Kodama | Taeko Matsuoka | Hiroshi Araki | Yoshiaki Murakami | Osamu Takano | Yoshiyuki Sakamoto
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit X: Papers

When conducting market research on machine translation, we research the volume of sales continuously in order to determine the scale of the machine translation market in Japan. We have officially announced these figures every year. Furthermore, since 2003, we administered questionnaires regarding the Web translation.


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Report on machine translation market in Japan
Yoshiyuki Sakamoto | Minoru Moriguchi
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit VII

This paper reports the current situation of the machine translation (MT) market in Japan, based on a survey conducted through questionnaires and interviews. The research targets three groups: MT manufacturers (including sales agents), professional translators and translation agencies, and general users. We completed the questionnaire on the first group and are now querying the second group through interviews and questionnaires. According to the survey of manufacturers and vendors, shipments and sales of MT systems plunged during 1996 to 1998. but respondents are expecting a slight recovery in 1999 and 2000. The primary requirement to raise shipments and sales is improvement of translation quality, most respondents believe. The survey of translation professionals started with the first interview on June 25. We plan to interview at least 20 people in the translation industry in four meetings. The results will be orally reported at the conference site. We are also designing the questionnaire for general users, which we plan to finish by the end of this year.


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Concept and Structure of Semantic Markers for Machine Translation in Mu-Project
Yoshiyuki Sakamoto | Tetsuya Ishikawa | Masayuki Satoh
Coling 1986 Volume 1: The 11th International Conference on Computational Linguistics


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Lexicon Features for Japanese Syntactic Analysis in Mu-Project-JE
Yoshiyuki Sakamoto | Masayuki Satoh | Tetsuya Ishikawa
10th International Conference on Computational Linguistics and 22nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics


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Lexical Parallelism in Text Structure Determination and Content Analysis
Yoshiyuki Sakamoto | Tetsuya Okamoto
Coling 1982: Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Computational Linguistics