Yuanzhou Yao


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Data Augmentation for Few-Shot Knowledge Graph Completion from Hierarchical Perspective
Yuanzhou Yao | Zhao Zhang | Yongjun Xu | Chao Li
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Few-shot knowledge graph completion (FKGC) has become a new research focus in the field of knowledge graphs in recent years, which aims to predict the missing links for relations that only have a few associative triples. Existing models attempt to solve the problem via learning entity and relation representations. However, the limited training data severely hinders the performance of existing models. To this end, we propose to solve the FKGC problem with the data augmentation technique. Specifically, we perform data augmentation from two perspectives, i.e., inter-task view and intra-task view. The former generates new tasks for FKGC, while the latter enriches the support or query set for an individual task. It is worth noting that the proposed framework can be applied to a number of existing FKGC models. Experimental evaluation on two public datasets indicates our model is capable of achieving substantial improvements over baselines.