Yuki Furuya


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Dialogue Corpus Construction Considering Modality and Social Relationships in Building Common Ground
Yuki Furuya | Koki Saito | Kosuke Ogura | Koh Mitsuda | Ryuichiro Higashinaka | Kazunori Takashio
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Building common ground with users is essential for dialogue agent systems and robots to interact naturally with people. While a few previous studies have investigated the process of building common ground in human-human dialogue, most of them have been conducted on the basis of text chat. In this study, we constructed a dialogue corpus to investigate the process of building common ground with a particular focus on the modality of dialogue and the social relationship between the participants in the process of building common ground, which are important but have not been investigated in the previous work. The results of our analysis suggest that adding the modality or developing the relationship between workers speeds up the building of common ground. Specifically, regarding the modality, the presence of video rather than only audio may unconsciously facilitate work, and as for the relationship, it is easier to convey information about emotions and turn-taking among friends than in first meetings. These findings and the corpus should prove useful for developing a system to support remote communication.