Yulin Yuan


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Findings of the WMT 2023 Shared Task on Discourse-Level Literary Translation: A Fresh Orb in the Cosmos of LLMs
Longyue Wang | Zhaopeng Tu | Yan Gu | Siyou Liu | Dian Yu | Qingsong Ma | Chenyang Lyu | Liting Zhou | Chao-Hong Liu | Yufeng Ma | Weiyu Chen | Yvette Graham | Bonnie Webber | Philipp Koehn | Andy Way | Yulin Yuan | Shuming Shi
Proceedings of the Eighth Conference on Machine Translation

Translating literary works has perennially stood as an elusive dream in machine translation (MT), a journey steeped in intricate challenges. To foster progress in this domain, we hold a new shared task at WMT 2023, the first edition of the Discourse-Level Literary Translation. First, we (Tencent AI Lab and China Literature Ltd.) release a copyrighted and document-level Chinese-English web novel corpus. Furthermore, we put forth an industry-endorsed criteria to guide human evaluation process. This year, we totally received 14 submissions from 7 academia and industry teams. We employ both automatic and human evaluations to measure the performance of the submitted systems. The official ranking of the systems is based on the overall human judgments. In addition, our extensive analysis reveals a series of interesting findings on literary and discourse-aware MT. We release data, system outputs, and leaderboard at http://www2.statmt.org/wmt23/literary-translation-task.html.


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双重否定结构自动识别研究(The Research on Automatic Recognition of the Double Negation Structure)
Yu Wang (王昱) | Yulin Yuan (袁毓林)
Proceedings of the 21st Chinese National Conference on Computational Linguistics

“双重否定结构是一种“通过两次否定表示肯定意义”的特殊结构,其存在会对自然语言处理中的语义判断与情感分类产生重要影响。本文以“eg eg P== extgreater P”为标准,对现代汉语中所有的“否定词+否定词”结构进行了遍历研究,将双重否定结构按照格式分为了3大类,25小类,常用双重否定结构或构式132个。结合动词的叙实性、否定焦点、语义否定与语用否定等相关理论,本文归纳了双重否定结构的三大成立条件,并据此设计实现了基于规则的双重否定结构自动识别程序。程序实验的精确率为98.85%,召回率为98.90%,F1值为98.85%。同时,程序还从96281句语料中获得了8640句精确率约为99%的含有双重否定结构的句子,为后续基于统计的深度学习模型提供了语料支持的可能。”


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《动词句法语义信息词典》知识内容说明书(An Introduction to the Syntactic-Semantic Knowledge-Base of Chinese Verbs)
Yulin Yuan (袁毓林) | Hong Cao (曹宏)
Proceedings of the 19th Chinese National Conference on Computational Linguistics



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Linguistic Knowledge-driven Approach to Chinese Comparative Elements Extraction
MinJun Park | Yulin Yuan
Proceedings of the Eighth SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing


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To Construct the Interpretation Templates for the Chinese Noun Compounds Based on Semantic Classes and Qualia Structures
Xue Wei | Yulin Yuan
Proceedings of the 26th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information, and Computation