Yunyue Su


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A Hybrid Detection and Generation Framework with Separate Encoders for Event Extraction
Ge Shi | Yunyue Su | Yongliang Ma | Ming Zhou
Proceedings of the 17th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

The event extraction task typically consists of event detection and event argument extraction. Most previous work models these two subtasks with shared representation by multiple classification tasks or a unified generative approach. In this paper, we revisit this pattern and propose to use independent encoders to model event detection and event argument extraction, respectively, and use the output of event detection to construct the input of event argument extraction. In addition, we use token-level features to precisely control the fusion between two encoders to achieve joint bridging training rather than directly reusing representations between different tasks. Through a series of careful experiments, we demonstrate the importance of avoiding feature interference of different tasks and the importance of joint bridging training. We achieved competitive results on standard benchmarks (ACE05-E, ACE05-E+, and ERE-EN) and established a solid baseline.