Yuxuan Wu


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Weakly Supervised Formula Learner for Solving Mathematical Problems
Yuxuan Wu | Hideki Nakayama
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Mathematical reasoning task is a subset of the natural language question answering task. Existing work suggested solving this task with a two-phase approach, where the model first predicts formulas from questions and then calculates answers from such formulas. This approach achieved desirable performance in existing work. However, its reliance on annotated formulas as intermediate labels throughout its training limited its application. In this work, we put forward the idea to enable models to learn optimal formulas autonomously. We proposed Weakly Supervised Formula Learner, a learning framework that drives the formula exploration with weak supervision from the final answers to mathematical problems. Our experiments are conducted on two representative mathematical reasoning datasets MathQA and Math23K. On MathQA, our method outperformed baselines trained on complete yet imperfect formula annotations. On Math23K, our method outperformed other weakly supervised learning methods.