Yuzo Murata


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An automatic evaluation method for machine translation using two-way MT
Shoichi Yokoyama | Hideki Kashioka | Akira Kumano | Masaki Matsudaira | Yoshiko Shirokizawa | Shuji Kodama | Terumasa Ehara | Shinichiro Miyazawa | Yuzo Murata
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit VIII

Evaluation of machine translation is one of the most important issues in this field. We have already proposed a quantitative evaluation of machine translation system. The method was roughly that an example sentence in Japanese is machine translated into English, and then into Japanese using several systems, and that the comparison of output Japanese sentences with the original Japanese sentence is done for the word identification, the correctness of the modification, the syntactic dependency, and the parataxis. By calculating the score, we could quantitatively evaluate the English machine translation. However, the extraction of word identification etc. was done by human, and the fact affects the correctness of evaluation. In order to solve this problem, we developed an automatic evaluation system. We report the detail of the system in this paper..