Zhijie Xu


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AMRTVSumm: AMR-augmented Hierarchical Network for TV Transcript Summarization
Yilun Hua | Zhaoyuan Deng | Zhijie Xu
Proceedings of The Workshop on Automatic Summarization for Creative Writing

This paper describes our AMRTVSumm system for the SummScreen datasets in the Automatic Summarization for Creative Writing shared task (Creative-Summ 2022). In order to capture the complicated entity interactions and dialogue structures in transcripts of TV series, we introduce a new Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR) (Banarescu et al., 2013), particularly designed to represent individual scenes in an episode. We also propose a new cross-level cross-attention mechanism to incorporate these scene AMRs into a hierarchical encoder-decoder baseline. On both the ForeverDreaming and TVMegaSite datasets of SummScreen, our system consistently outperforms the hierarchical transformer baseline. Compared with the state-of-the-art DialogLM (Zhong et al., 2021), our system still has a lower performance primarily because it is pretrained only on out-of-domain news data, unlike DialogLM, which uses extensive in-domain pretraining on dialogue and TV show data. Overall, our work suggests a promising direction to capture complicated long dialogue structures through graph representations and the need to combine graph representations with powerful pretrained language models.