Zhipeng Wang


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BIT’s System for Multilingual Track
Zhipeng Wang | Yuhang Guo | Shuoying Chen
Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT 2023)

This paper describes the system we submitted to the IWSLT 2023 multilingual speech translation track, with input being English speech and output being text in 10 target languages. Our system consists of CNN and Transformer, convolutional neural networks downsample speech features and extract local information, while transformer extract global features and output the final results. In our system, we use speech recognition tasks to pre-train encoder parameters, and then use speech translation corpus to train the multilingual speech translation model. We have also adopted other methods to optimize the model, such as data augmentation, model ensemble, etc. Our system can obtain satisfactory results on test sets of 10 languages in the MUST-C corpus.


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BIT’s system for AutoSimulTrans2021
Mengge Liu | Shuoying Chen | Minqin Li | Zhipeng Wang | Yuhang Guo
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Automatic Simultaneous Translation

In this paper we introduce our Chinese-English simultaneous translation system participating in AutoSimulTrans2021. In simultaneous translation, translation quality and delay are both important. In order to reduce the translation delay, we cut the streaming-input source sentence into segments and translate the segments before the full sentence is received. In order to obtain high-quality translations, we pre-train a translation model with adequate corpus and fine-tune the model with domain adaptation and sentence length adaptation. The experimental results on the evaluation data show that our system performs better than the baseline system.