Zhongqiu Li


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Unregulated Chinese-to-English Data Expansion Does NOT Work for Neural Event Detection
Zhongqiu Li | Yu Hong | Jie Wang | Shiming He | Jianmin Yao | Guodong Zhou
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

We leverage cross-language data expansion and retraining to enhance neural Event Detection (abbr., ED) on English ACE corpus. Machine translation is utilized for expanding English training set of ED from that of Chinese. However, experimental results illustrate that such strategy actually results in performance degradation. The survey of translations suggests that the mistakenly-aligned triggers in the expanded data negatively influences the retraining process. We refer this phenomenon to “trigger falsification”. To overcome the issue, we apply heuristic rules for regulating the expanded data, fixing the distracting samples that contain the falsified triggers. The supplementary experiments show that the rule-based regulation is beneficial, yielding the improvement of about 1.6% F1-score for ED. We additionally prove that, instead of transfer learning from the translated ED data, the straight data combination by random pouring surprisingly performs better.