Zihang Sun


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Sebastian, Basti, Wastl?! Recognizing Named Entities in Bavarian Dialectal Data
Siyao Peng | Zihang Sun | Huangyan Shan | Marie Kolm | Verena Blaschke | Ekaterina Artemova | Barbara Plank
Proceedings of the 2024 Joint International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-COLING 2024)

Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a fundamental task to extract key information from texts, but annotated resources are scarce for dialects. This paper introduces the first dialectal NER dataset for German, BarNER, with 161K tokens annotated on Bavarian Wikipedia articles (bar-wiki) and tweets (bar-tweet), using a schema adapted from German CoNLL 2006 and GermEval. The Bavarian dialect differs from standard German in lexical distribution, syntactic construction, and entity information. We conduct in-domain, cross-domain, sequential, and joint experiments on two Bavarian and three German corpora and present the first comprehensive NER results on Bavarian. Incorporating knowledge from the larger German NER (sub-)datasets notably improves on bar-wiki and moderately on bar-tweet. Inversely, training first on Bavarian contributes slightly to the seminal German CoNLL 2006 corpus. Moreover, with gold dialect labels on Bavarian tweets, we assess multi-task learning between five NER and two Bavarian-German dialect identification tasks and achieve NER SOTA on bar-wiki. We substantiate the necessity of our low-resource BarNER corpus and the importance of diversity in dialects, genres, and topics in enhancing model performance.

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Different Tastes of Entities: Investigating Human Label Variation in Named Entity Annotations
Siyao Peng | Zihang Sun | Sebastian Loftus | Barbara Plank
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Understanding Implicit and Underspecified Language

Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a key information extraction task with a long-standing tradition. While recent studies address and aim to correct annotation errors via re-labeling efforts, little is known about the sources of label variation, such as text ambiguity, annotation error, or guideline divergence. This is especially the case for high-quality datasets and beyond English CoNLL03. This paper studies disagreements in expert-annotated named entity datasets for three varieties: English, Danish, and DialectX. We show that text ambiguity and artificial guideline changes are dominant factors for diverse annotations among high-quality revisions. We survey student annotations on a subset of difficult entities and substantiate the feasibility and necessity of manifold annotations for understanding named entity ambiguities from a distributional perspective.