Zirui Shao


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GEM: Gestalt Enhanced Markup Language Model for Web Understanding via Render Tree
Zirui Shao | Feiyu Gao | Zhongda Qi | Hangdi Xing | Jiajun Bu | Zhi Yu | Qi Zheng | Xiaozhong Liu
Proceedings of the 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

Inexhaustible web content carries abundant perceptible information beyond text. Unfortunately, most prior efforts in pre-trained Language Models (LMs) ignore such cyber-richness, while few of them only employ plain HTMLs, and crucial information in the rendered web, such as visual, layout, and style, are excluded. Intuitively, those perceptible web information can provide essential intelligence to facilitate content understanding tasks. This study presents an innovative Gestalt Enhanced Markup (GEM) Language Model inspired by Gestalt psychological theory for hosting heterogeneous visual information from the render tree into the language model without requiring additional visual input. Comprehensive experiments on multiple downstream tasks, i.e., web question answering and web information extraction, validate GEM superiority.