New page for announcements and blog posts

May 6, 2024

The ACL Anthology website now has a dedicated section for blog posts and announcements. If you want to stay up to date on the most important changes to the Anthology, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for this section.

We will keep the existing mailing list, so you will still get your updates if you are already subscribed. This new section mainly makes our updates available to more apps and devices via RSS, and it gives them a more appealing look. ✨

There is one more thing that we want to announce with this post: We now also have an RSS feed for papers. By subscribing to this, you get to see the individual papers added to the Anthology and never miss any of the latest developments in NLP and computational linguistics ever again! 🎉 The feed is limited to the latest 1000 papers, as the full file would be over 40 MB in size, otherwise. 🤯

We hope that you will enjoy these new features as much as we do, and we’ll see you here for the next update!