Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit V

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July 10-13
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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An Introduction to MT
Maghi King

MT and its Users
Colin Brace

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Using MT in practice: helpful hints and advice
Muriel Vaconcello | Karin Spalink

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Problems with the second generation architecture and new trends in MT
Harold Somers

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Eurotra, history and results
Bente Maegaard

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Reflections on the history and present state of MT
John Hutchins

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Factors for success and failure in MT
Christian Boitet

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Machine Translation at NAIC - A perspective
Dale A. Bostad

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The METAL system: Status 1995
Thomas Schneider

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The World on your shoulders: The development of ATLAS
Eric M. Visser | Masaru Fuji | Makoto Shiotsu

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Realities of development in market-oriented MT
Winfield Scott Bennett

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A bidirectional Russian-English MT system (ETAP-3)
Igor Boguslavsky

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Language Engineering and the Commission
Roberto Cencioni

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The use of MT in the Commission
Dorothy Senez

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EURAMIS: Integrated multilingual services for a large multilingual community
Jean-Marie Leick

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To do the right thing for the wrong reason, the EUROTRA experience
Brian Oakley

The EDR Electronic Dictionary as information infrastructure
Yuichi Tanaka

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Terminology and standardization for MT
Christian Galinski

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Building resources for MT: What the user hasn’t got we have to provide
Gudrún Magnúsdóttir

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A way of using a small MT system in industry
Yoji Fukumochi

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Adaptation of JICST’s MT system for workstation and PC’s
Tatsuo Ashizaki

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MT users and usage: Europe and the Americas
Colin Brace | Muriel Vasconcellos | L. Chris Miller

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Machine Translation in the Czech Republic: history, methods, systems
Jan Hajič

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Translation technology - A survey of latest product developments
Adriane Rinsche

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Pre- and Post-editing MT text for better communication and documentation
Susumu Donomae

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MT in the online environment: challenges and opportunities
Mary Flanagan

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MT: the economical part of multilingual information processing
Stephan Bodenkamp

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Two MT systems and still hungry...
Daniel Grasmick

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Offering MT as a service from a profit center point of view
Bernhard Masion

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Integration of MT into the business process
Doris Marty-Albisser

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Offering large-system MT as a bureau service
Peter Wheeler

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Machine Translation for home and business users
Hubert Lehmann

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What have we to do for the future of MT systems?
Makoto Nagao

An empirical study of MT: we knew nothing
Jun-lchi Tsujii

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JEIDA’s test - sets for quality evaluation of MT systems
Hitoshi Isahara

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TransCheck: The automatic validation of human translations
Elliott Macklovitch

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Approaches to black box MT evaluation
John S. White

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The prerequisites of MT for an industrial user: a corpus-based approach
Sylvie Regnier-Prost

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Verbmobil: Towards a DRT-based translation of spontaneous negotiation dialogues
Wolfgang Wahlster

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Spoken dialogue translation technologies and speech translation
Hitoshi Iida

Translation and interpretation of spontaneous speech
Alex Waibel

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Multilingual information processing
Gregor Thurmair

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Issues in multimodal telecommunications
Tsuyoshi Morimoto

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Towards a language information centre for Malay
Yusoff Zaharin

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Machine Translation for the office automation
Key-Sun Choi

Cross language service technology of digital text information
Kazunori Muraki

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Machine translation as a practical tool in information processing
Harald Zimmerman