Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit XVI: Commercial MT Users and Translators Track

Masaru Yamada, Mark Seligman (Editors)

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September 18 – September 22
Nagoya Japan
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Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit XVI: Commercial MT Users and Translators Track
Masaru Yamada | Mark Seligman

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Zero-Shot Translation for Indian Languages with Sparse Data
Giulia Mattoni | Pat Nagle | Carlos Collantes | Dimitar Shterionov

pdf bib
Feature-rich NMT and SMT post-edited corpora for productivity and evaluation tasks with a subset of MQM-annotated data
Kim Harris | Lucia Specia | Aljoscha Burchardt

pdf bib
Usability of web-based MT post-editing environments for screen reader users
Silvia Rodríguez Vázquez | Sharon O’Brien | Dónal Fitzpatrick

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Live presentations to a multilingual audience: personal universal translator
Chris Wendt

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Toward a full-scale neural machine translation in production: the use case
Pavel Levin | Nishikant Dhanuka | Talaat Khalil | Fedor Kovalev | Maxim Khalilov

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The INTERACT Project and Crisis MT
Sharon O’Brien | Chao-Hong Liu | Andy Way | João Graça | André Martins | Helena Moniz | Ellie Kemp | Rebecca Petras

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A Case Study of Machine Translation in Financial Sentiment Analysis
Chong Zhang | Matteo Capelletti | Alexandros Poulis | Thorben Stemann | Jane Nemcova

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A New Methodology to Maximize the Strength of SMT and NMT
Yu Gong

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Rule-based MT and UTX Glossary Management – Honda’s Case Dealing with Thousands of Technical Terms
Saemi Hirayama | Yuji Yamamoto

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A detailed investigation of Bias Errors in Post-editing of MT output
Silvio Picinini | Nicola Ueffing

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Terminology post-editing of neural MT by UTX glossary data
Yamamoto Yuji

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Harvesting Polysemous Terms from e-commerce Data to Enhance QA
Silvio Picinini

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Translation Dictation vs. Post-editing with Cloud-based Voice Recognition: A Pilot Experiment
Julián Zapata | Sheila Castilho | Joss Moorkens

pdf bib
Will neural MT be a breakthrough in English-to-Japanese technical translation?
Tsunao Mikasa | Nobuko Kasahara

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The Impact of MT Quality Estimation on Post-Editing Effort
Carlos Teixeira | Sharon O’Brien

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Utilizing Neural MT Engines in Industrial Translation
Toru Shishido

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Comparative Evaluation of NMT with Established SMT Programs
Lena Marg | Naoko Miyazaki | Elaine O’Curran | Tanja Schmidt

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Journey around Neural Machine Translation quality
Marco Ganci

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A Reception Study of Machine Translated Subtitles for MOOCs
Ke Hu | Sharon O’Brien | Dorothy Kenny

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TraMOOC: Translation for Massive Open Online Courses
Joss Moorkens | Yota Georgakopoulou