Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Vietnamese Language and Speech Processing

Huyen T M. Nguyen, Xuan-Son Vu, Chi Mai Luong (Editors)

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Hanoi, Vietnam
Association for Computational Lingustics
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Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Vietnamese Language and Speech Processing
Huyen T M. Nguyen | Xuan-Son Vu | Chi Mai Luong

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ReINTEL Challenge 2020: Vietnamese Fake News Detection usingEnsemble Model with PhoBERT embeddings
Thuan Nguyen Hieu | Hieu Cao Nguyen Minh | Hung To Van | Bang Vo Quoc

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ReINTEL Challenge 2020: A Comparative Study of Hybrid Deep Neural Network for Reliable Intelligence Identification on Vietnamese SNSs
Hoang Viet Trinh | Tung Tien Bui | Tam Minh Nguyen | Huy Quang Dao | Quang Huu Pham | Ngoc N. Tran

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An Empirical Study of Using Pre-trained BERT Models for Vietnamese Relation Extraction Task at VLSP 2020
Minh Quang Nhat Pham

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Improving prosodic phrasing of Vietnamese text-to-speech systems
Phuong Pham Ngoc | Chung Tran Quang | Quang Minh Nguyen | Quoc Truong Do

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Development of Smartcall Vietnamese Text-to-Speech for VLSP 2020
Khuong Duy Trieu | Ba Quyen Dam | Quoc Bao Nguyen

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Vietnamese Relation Extraction with BERT-based Models at VLSP 2020
Thuật Nguyễn | Hiếu Mẫn

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Vietnamese Text-To-Speech Shared Task VLSP 2020: Remaining problems with state-of-the-art techniques
Thi Thu Trang Nguyen | Hoang Ky Nguyen | Quang Minh Pham | Duy Manh Vu

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ReINTEL Challenge 2020: A Multimodal Ensemble Model for Detecting Unreliable Information on Vietnamese SNS
Manh Duc Tuan Nguyen | Quang Nhat Minh Pham

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ReINTEL Challenge 2020: Exploiting Transfer Learning Models for Reliable Intelligence Identification on Vietnamese Social Network Sites
Kim Nguyen Thi Thanh | Kiet Nguyen Van

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A Joint Deep Contextualized Word Representation for Deep Biaffine Dependency Parsing
Xuan-Dung Doan

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Applying Graph Neural Networks for Vietnamese Dependency Parsing
Nguyen Duc Thien | Nguyen Thi Thu Trang | Truong Dang Quang

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Implementing Bi-LSTM-based deep biaffine neural dependency parser for Vietnamese Universal Dependency Parsing
Lien Nguyen

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Vietnamese-English Translation with Transformer and Back Translation in VLSP 2020 Machine Translation Shared Task
Le Duc Cuong | Trang Nguyen Thi Thu

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The UET-ICTU Submissions to the VLSP 2020 News Translation Task
Ngo Thi-Vinh | Nguyen Minh-Thuan | Nguyen Hoang Minh Cong | Nguyen Hoang-Quan | Nguyen Phuong-Thai | Nguyen Van-Vinh

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VLSP 2020 Shared Task: Universal Dependency Parsing for Vietnamese
Ha My Linh | Nguyen Thi Minh Huyen | Vu Xuan Luong | Nguyen Thi Luong | Phan Thi Hue | Le Van Cuong

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ReINTEL: A Multimodal Data Challenge for Responsible Information Identification on Social Network Sites
Duc-Trong Le | Xuan-Son Vu | Nhu-Dung To | Huu-Quang Nguyen | Thuy-Trinh Nguyen | Thi Khanh-Linh Le | Anh-Tuan Nguyen | Minh-Duc Hoang | Nghia Le | Huyen Nguyen | Hoang D. Nguyen

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Overview of VLSP RelEx shared task: A Data Challenge for Semantic Relation Extraction from Vietnamese News
Vu Tran Mai | Hoang-Quynh Le | Duy-Cat Can | Thi Minh Huyen Nguyen | Tran Ngoc Linh Nguyen | Thanh Tam Doan

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Goals, Challenges and Findings of the VLSP 2020 English-Vietnamese News Translation Shared Task
Thanh-Le Ha | Van-Khanh Tran | Kim-Anh Nguyen